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JOSEPH AND ISABELLA REED BIBLE Of Pickens County, South Carolina 
From: Revolutionary War pension: W9249

Joseph Reed Sr. 6/5/1756-10/10/1828 Pickens, S. C. .. 2/28/1782
Isabella Baskin, his wife, b. 10/18/1760

BIRTHS of Their Children

Margaret Reed 12/26/1782    
Elizabeth Reed 11/13/1793     

George Reed (before 1792) (Need Information On George)        

Thomas Baskin Reed 1/12/1787
Isabella Reed 5/22/1796
Samuel Reed 2/25/1802
Joseph Reed Jr. 3/15/1789         

Rose Reed 5/3/1799        
Mary Reed 5/16/1791              
Sarah Hartgrove Reed  9/25/1804     


Joseph and Isabella Reed

   Isabella Reed, widow, applied for pension 1/9/1844 Pickens, S. C.,
stating she married Joseph Reed 2/28/1782 as Isabella Baskin. During the war she
lived with her mother, who was a widow, on the Rocky River, Abbeville,  S. C.;
moved to Pendleton District.  Her uncle, William Baskin,  mentioned. 12/30/1844
Elizabeth Thompson testified that she was half-sister of Isabella and was married 

From New Testiment given to Abraham and Louisa Crane Gilstrap by Louisa's father Jeptha Crane of Pickens County, SC.

Wel lueser whil I am written theas lins I am alone from eny earthly frend but I feal that my bleased saver is with me I fel a hope that after I dawn leven her that I wil fin a home of wrest in heven  lueser I want you and Abraham to try to live write and try to ris your childrun  write this may be last litel present I ever may give you but I hop not


Pg.2 wel luser and abe wil pray for you and youre litel childen so long as I live and have my reason and strength and I want you to pray for youre self and litel children and youre old father and if you are spared to live to be old long after this flesh of mine is gone to hits mother dust you may be reading this book and after


Pg3 try to daw write Children may god bleas you all may we all live so in this world that at last we may all git home to heven is my pray this Oct 21 1871 Children when I am gone greaf not for me  Jeptha Craine

Far wel Children


Pg 4 Children if I hav don wronegd I hope god has forgive me and I want you to forgive me  god by Children when  I am gone greve not for me.

  Miss Harriet Gilstrap

George Washington Gilstrap was borned the 22 February in 1882