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The Morgan name has long been  associated    with   New Hope. The  first time it appears in this  connection was that Morgan Morgan was a messenger to the association in 1814.  He died January 14,  1836 In Pendleton District..  Thomas Morgan appears as a  messenger in 1825.  The Morgans assumed many places of leadership down through the years thus making a great contributation to the ongoing of the church.

September 12,  1835 there were 16 white male members: 21 white female members;  6 colored members; 12 female colored members.  Of these were,  Morgan  Morgan,  Jeremiah Hubbard, Patrick Hubbard,  Lelanda Clanahan.  Female White:  Elizabeth Morgan,  Harriet N. Clanahan.,  Sarah Ann Clayton. 

November 26, 1836 George Head and his wife Angelina were granted letters . Henry Head was given a letter of recommendation October 29,  1836  because he was going to travel.  On December 24, 1836,  Henry, his wife Mary and daughter Sarah were given letters,  thus removing the Head name from the New Hope  roll.

                                 History of Dogwood Baptist Church

                                                     By  Clark

The next time I find The Head family is in Walker County, Georgia.  The area that is now Catoosa County.  From the History of Dogwood Baptist Church:  Organized  1845.   First members were:  Robert Ware and wife Harriet Ware,  Thomas and Sarah Long, John and Rachel Swanson,  John Broom and wife Margaret, Henry Head (Deacon) Sarah Bruce,  Nancy Quinn, William Head, Polly Ann Merrell,  Martin and Jane Workman, Margaret Welch.  September 1845 received  George V. Head and his wife Angelina by letter.  Wednesday October 15th received Sarah Head by letter.1847  William Henry H. Head was clerk.  Morgan Head was clerk.  George V. Head and his wife Angelina were granted letters and next appear in the Minutes of Ball Creek Baptist Church in Pickens County, GA.

Henry Head is buried in the old cemetery at Dogwood Baptist Church as are several of his descendants. George Vandiver and Angelina are buried at Berean Baptist Church in Gilmer  County, Georgia. Some of the Heads are buried in Tunnel Hill Cemetery on Cemetery Street in Tunnel Hill, Georgia.


Ball Creek Baptist Church

Rules of Decorum


Typed and sent to me by Brenda Jackson.


1st The members convined in conference shal have no power to lord it over God’s heritage, nor shal they infringe on the internal rights of any member in this Church.               2nd The members at present shal chose a Moderator and clerk

3rd The conference shal be opind by prayer

4th Only one member shal speak at a time and shal arise and adress the Moderator uncoverd

5th The person thus speaking shal not be intirupted while doing so and shal attend closely to the subject without making any ramark on the slips and blunders made by the person who procedeth them, and every member shal have a right to speak in like turn provided he observes the above rule.

6th No member shall hav a right to speak more than three times on the same subject without leave of the church

7th No member shal absent himself in time of business without leav of the moderator.

8th the moderator shal have the right of speaking as another member provided the chair be filled.

9th we admit of no other title than brother while in conference

  10th Every motion made and second shal come under the consideration of the Church except it be withdrawn by the member who mad(e) it.

  11th Scratched out

12th Any member breaking the above ruls shal be admonished by the moderator.

  13th in the discision of any cace a majority of shal rule except in tucking fellowship.

  14th Any mail member failing to fill thir seats for two months without sufficient excuce shal at the 3rd meeting become under the sensure of the church

Eliser Pears by Exp

  Sarah (?) by Exp

            Milisey Braket by Exp

            Mary Sutherlin by Exp

            (?) Parker

            Mary Jane Storer(?) by Exp

            Sary Emley (?Last Name) by Exp

            Jane Pearce by Let


Next section dated October 25, 1849, is illegible


Georgia Pickens County

August the 5th, 1857

 We the under signed having been called as a presbytery, a body of members in the vicinity of Ball Creek being desireous to become a constitution having met the presbytery, was formed by calling Brother R. Jordan to the chair (and) James Underwood, Clerk.  Then proceeded to examine into the order of said members and finding …. orthodox and orderly proceeded to constitute them into with all the rights and privleges of…as the church constituted upon the abstract of the principles of the Ellijay as so (known) by the name of Ball Creek Church done in order and signed by the presbytery.


R Jordan, Mo (Moderator)

R Jordan, Mo (Moderator)

                                                                        James Underwood, Clk(Clerk)

                                                                        John Holder


The names of the above members are as follows:

                                                                        James Underwood, Clk(Clerk)

                                                                      John Holder

The names of the above members are as follows:

                                                                                                                                              Males           John Langley   

Elijah Carrol    A. K. Tribble

William Dover    



        Delilah Collins

Elizabeth Dooley     Elizabeth Carrol

Maranda Allen

Gilly Underwood

Nancy Brackett

Dina Blackwoman

The church being organized then called Brother Jordan to the chair and proceeded to business.  The church then called Brother Tribble to the (care) of the church on motion appointed Elijah Carrol our regular church (clerk).  On motion agreed to become a (member) of the Ellijay association and appointed A.K. Tribble, John Langley and William Dover to represent us in the body.













Names of people…….(no year)(pg1-2)


1.   Maranda Allen, DS, LT

2.   Elizabeth Dooly EXC

3.   Elizabeth Carrol, DS, LT

4.   Delila Collins, LT

5.       Gilly M. Underwood, EXC,RES, LT

6.       Nancy Bracket, LT, DS, RES

7.       Dinah, black, woman, DS, LT

8.       Matilda Silver, LT

9.       ? Dover, EXC, DS, EX

10.   ? Carrol, EXC, DS, EX

11.   Nancy Dover, DS, LT, DS, LT

12.   Angelina Head, LT

13.   Elizabeth Head, EXC, DS, EX

14.   Rose Dover, EXC

15.   Lucy Dover, EXC,DS,DS

16.   Martha Smith,DS,EXC,DS,EX

17.   Mila Smith, DS, Relation

18.   Milly Ann Singleton, EX

19.   Cindy Silver, DS, DS, EX

20.   Sarah Jackson,LT

21.   Rachel M Williamson,DS,LT

22.   Mary Silver, LT

23.   Elizabeth Wattson, LT (Dead?)

24.   Sophia Willson, DS,DS,LT

25.   Sabrajane Manda Smith,DS<DS<EX

26.   Elizabeth Dover, EX

27.   Mary Underwood. EX

28.   Elizabeth Smith, DS

29.   Susanah Hall, DS,DS

30.   Mary Jane Jackson. DS,DS,LT

31.   Patsyann M,EX

32.   Elizabeth Silver,EX

33.   Mary Sutherlin,DS,DS,LT

34.   Mary Oaks,DS,LT

35.   J(?) Chadwick,DS,DS,EX

36.   M(?) Head, EXC,EX

37.   Susan Langly, EX,EXC

38.   Elisabeth Jackson,EX

39.   M.Ducket,EX

40.   M(?) E. Taler

41.   Mary

42.   Martha J. Walker,DS,DS,EX

43.   Jane (?)

44.   Sousannah Willis

45.   Maryann Willis

46.   Derinda Emirintha Jackson,DS

47.   Elizabeth Silver,EX

48.   Sabra Jane Raper,EX

49.   Matilda (?),EX

50.   Salena E Anderson, Relation

51.   Jane Roach,DS,DS,EX

52.   Nancy Dover,LT

53.   Loiueasah Dover,LT

54.   (?) Chadwick,LT

55.   Sousanah Langly,EXC,Res

56.   N. Jane Durnel,EX

57.   (?) Jackson,LT

58.   Marthey Dover,EX

59.   (Narah?) Willes,EX

60.   Mary Willson,EX

61.   (?) Willson,LT

62.   Jane Chadwick,LT

63.   Lusinda Silver,LT

64.   (?)Williams,EX


68.  Milisery(?) Brackett

Guide to Abbreviations

EXC – Excluded from the membership of the church based on some charge brought against them.  After being excluded, the member could be included in the fellowship again if they were restored.  See below

DS – Letters of dismissal were asked for whenever a person was moving away to take to the new church they would be attending, stating they were in good standing. Multiple notations of DS would indicate that the person left and came back on one or more occassions.

EX – Experience, or Testimony from a person that showed he/she was saved. “Received into the church on experience” is often seen in the minutes.

LT – “Received by letter “ was written down when a person was accepted from another place.  People carried letters with them stating they were members in good standing from their previous church.

RES – Restored was noted when a person who had been excluded, had admitted wrongdoing and was welcomed again into the church.

This page was first in the register copy but because of the amount of names and remarks, felt it was out of chronological order.  The first 7 names on this list are identical to the female names on the previous page and on the Memorial Stone at Ball Creek of 1857

   All our thanks to Brenda Jackson for this information.