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Description: Mamie Legg, 111, one of Colorado's oldest residents, has died, according to 9News.

Legg was born Jan. 9, 1894, in Gilmer County, Georgia, and moved with her husband and three children to Colorado in April 1921, because of her husband's tuberculosis. He died the next October, leaving her with sons age 5 years and 14 months, and a daughter, 3.

She had been living at the Christian Living Campus in Denver since she fell in her home on South Pearl Street when she was 102.

Her granddaughter Margaret Legg said she died Tuesday, according to 9News.

Legg once said the secret to living past 100 was, "Work hard, live cleanly, go to church, and treat others how you want to be treated."

Mamie is the grandaughter of Andrew J. and Mary Ann Goble Quarles.