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Can someone Identify this picture?  It was in Quarles / McClure pictures.


Joe and Ellen Quarles Ware Family. Ellen is daughter of Monroe Quarles



Thomas is son of Monroe and  Sarah Sanford Quarles


Rev. John and Della Hensley Quarles and family


Seated  James Robert and Ella Hensley Quarles. Standing, Olen, James T. with Michael, Ernest, Edgar, Inez, Murial, Verna, Versie, Cecil, Herbert.  Family of J.R. and Ella  ca 1950’s



















This is left to right Mary Burgess, Arizona(Zonie) Jenkins Burgess,Minnesota(Minnie) Jenkins Burgess sister to Aunt Zonie, with her baby Hazel, in back John Hamilton Burgess (Minnie's husband


   Richard And Mary Stoner Hagins , Pickens County, GA                    


                                       Daniel Seay Family of Dawsonville, Georgia.














Charlie  and Stella Willis Sisson May be Alice

Sisson Wimpey  behind them.