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Pickens County, SC. 7 October 1880

Dwelling Burns. On last Friday the dwelling-house of Mr. Jeptha Crain , situated about ??? miles from this place accidentally caught on fire, while he and the other occupants were in the field picking cotton, and was entirely consumed , together with all his furniture, provisions, plow, wagon and gear, and about eight hundred pounds of seed cotton. Two feather beds, three counterpanes and two quilts was all he saved. All of Mr. Crain’s clothing and that of his daughter , Mrs. Lesley, and her four children, who live with him, except the every-day work suits they had on were burnt and they have been left in almost a destitute condition.. The fire was suppose to have originated from the fire place where the fire was left when the family all went to the field. The loss on Mr. Crain and his daughter is very heavy, in fact it is all they possess, and we hope a generous public will lend them a helping hand.