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Cherokee War Civil War Seminole War of 1838
Spanish American War World War 1

Cherokee War (Removal of the Indians)

John Quarles of Capt. Elihu Kings 2nd Regiment, GA Mil. Mustered in 21 May 1838 at New Echota, GA.

John W. Bramblett PVT

Civil War

Gilstraps in the Civil War

Peter Gilstrap 5th regiment Grahamville, SC. 6th May 1862 .

John Gilstrap PVT Co. B 2nd Battalion SC Vol. 26 Dec., 1861. Pickens County, Sc. By J. C. Calhoun. Period. For the War. 30 June 1863, absent sick.

Peter Gilstrap PVT Co. B 2nd Battalion SC VOL. 26 Dec. 1861. By John Calhoun, for the war.

Abram Gilstrap PVT CO D 1st Regiment SC Infantry. 31 Jan. 1862 at Pickens County, SC. By Capt. Calhoun. Period, The war. Appears on register of CSA General Hospital, #3 Greensboro, NC. Admitted 19 March 1865. Transferred from Raleigh. Confederate Archives, Chapter 6, File # 291, page 40.

John C. Gilstrap PVT Co.'s E and D. 1st SC Regiment. Enlisted 31 Jan. 1862 at Pickens CO, SC. Paroled at Greensboro, NC 28 Apr. 1865. On last roll, Nov/Dec 1864. Transferred from 4th SC Cavalry. Roll # 113 NARS Microcopy # 267.

John Gilstrap PVT CO C 4th SC Cavalry. Enlisted Pickens County, SC 2 May 1862. On last roll 13 Sept. 1863. Transferred to 1st SC Infantry Regiment. NARS MC # 267 Roll 26.

Georgia Confederate Soldiers. Gilstrap

J. B. Gilstrap CO A 321st Regiment Jasper- Jones County, GA. PVT 7 Jan 1863. Ocean Bonds, FL 20 Feb. 1864- Appointed 2nd Corp. July 1864. Surrendered, Greensboro, NC, 26 April 1865.

James Gilstrap Company K 49th Regiment Pulaski, GA. PVT 4 March 1862. Army of VA. Died in Belmont, VA Hospital, June 1862. ( born 1822)

Charles Asberry Gilstrap Company D 56 Regiment, GA Vol. Hall County, GA. PVT 12 May 1862. Died 4 Dec. 1862. Enlisted at Crossroads, GA.

John Lewis Gilstrap Company D 56 Regiment GA Vol. Hall County, GA. PVT 8 May 1862. Died, 21 Sept. 1862 in Tunnel Hill, Ga.

William Maxville Gilstrap CO K 3rd Regiment GA State Troops. 2nd Sergeant 8 Oct. 1861. Mustered out April 1862. Enlisted PVT CO D, 56 Regiment 8 May 1862. Appointed 1st. Sergeant. Captured at Vicksburg, MS 4 July 1863. Paroled 8 July 1863. No later record.

John M. Gilstrap CO G 24 Regiment Hall County, GA. PVT 1 Dec. 1861. Admitted to Confederate Gen. Hospital, Danville, VA 19 April 1863. Return to duty 18 Aug. 1863. No later record.

William Harrison Gilstrap PVT 24 Aug. 1861. Appointed drummer elect, 2nd Lieut. Wounded and captured at Sailor's Creek, VA 6 April 1865. Died of Wounds in West's Building Hospital , 7 May 1865.

Charlie Sisson, Gilmer County, GA Musician, Killed in action.

Ira Sisson, brother of Charlie. enlisted from Gilmer County, GA.

David Quarles PVT CO A, 65 Regiment, Georgia Infantry

Seminole War of 1838

Jesse Charles was in the Indian wars in Florida.

Spanish American War

Andrew Jackson Seay Pvt CO J 3rd Tennessee Infantry. Enlisted 25 April 1898, Chattanooga, TN . Age 37, height 5ft. 61/2, Complexion white, eyes grey, hair dark. Born Dawsonville, GA. Occupation, wagon maker

Known to have served in World War 1

Arthur J, Hensley, Charlie Frank Sisson, Manuel Sisson , Thomas C. Hensley These men from Gilmer County, GA.